About Mark Edwards

All postings on web sites, blogs, and social
networks are based on my own personal opinion and are in no
way related to my employment, employer, or professional

Lifelong Chicago Cubs Fan. My father was a Cubs
fan. My grandfather was a Cubs fan. Nothing in the world
matches the joy of sitting at a Wrigley Field day game. I
also work for a living.

Most recently created and programmed The All New 99.7 The Point in Kansas City. Also programming several
online streams and HD channels. Pioneering social media and
Web 2.0 development for radio stations. Over a quarter of a
century as a highly successful radio Program Director and
Product Manager. Extensive experience in brand building and
marketing broadcast and online properties. Award winner for
radio programming and innovative direct marketing programs.

Visit my Google Profile to learn everything there is to know about me. 


Cubs, baseball, radio, family, parenting,

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