Attending The NLDS, On My Couch

My last post talked about the fact it was time to register for tickets to see the Cubs in postseason play. Of course, I did that and had everyone over the age of 18 that I know who would do it for me do it as well.

Just now, the Cubs sent me good news and bad news.

img_0707OK, OK, I didn’t get the chance to see the NLDS. I’ve been to two NLDS Games, and the Cubs lost both of them. So maybe not getting the chance to see my heroes in the first round of the playoffs isn’t that bad of a thing.

Remember, I am a Chicago Cubs fan and have been since pretty much the day I was born. That means I am full of, I’m on things, optimism. So this is the way I see it. I don’t get to go to the first round which means I might be able to go to a later round of the playoffs. The dream is still alive.

So I will continue to save my money, I will check into how to sell a kidney in order to afford a baseball ticket and keep my fingers crossed for both the cubs to advance and me to be in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field as the 2016 dream season continues.

And if you happen to have an extra ducat for the NLDS laying around, Don’t forget your old buddy Mark. I’ll go anywhere to see the Cubs in exciting postseason baseball.

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