The Time Has Come, My Friends

September 7, 2016. Yes, it’s the day Apple pisses off the world by killing the headphone jack, but it’s an even more important day.

Registration has begun for Cubs Postseason tickets!

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-9-19-49-amMy email included this communique from The Friendly Confines inviting me to register for my chance to spend hundreds of dollars on tickets to see my heroes make their way to the Fall Classic, that is if I’m lucky enough to be picked for the tiny amount of ducats available to the unwashed masses once the season ticket holders, sponsors, MLB hotshots, Fox employees, and second cousins of the ushers get their dibs.

So that means the odds of me getting the chance to buy tickets to a Cubs Postseason game are probably the same as me getting to be Taylor Swift’s next boyfriend. But I’m a Cubs fan, so I believe. I went right to the registration site, put in all my info, and sent my name into the big hopper (OK, database) of entries of other dreamers who want to see the Cubs play in late October. I know the odds are against me and I can always watch the action on TV, but I want to do something my father and grandfather didn’t get the chance to do, see the Cubs play in the World Series.

If you’re thinking of getting in on the frenzy, you should hurry. Here are the dates for the registration window and when winners will hear if they get the opportunity to drop a wad of money into the Ricketts’ and Major League Baseball’s pockets:


And should you want to schedule sick days or are just curious as to when all this Postseason hoopla will be happening, you can find the entire MLB Postseason schedule here.

One more thing, if you come across any extra tickets for any of these games, home or away, please let me know so I can sell some blood and buy them.

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