St. Louis Reacts To Pujols Leaving The Cardinals

So Albert Pujols, perhaps one of the best players in St. Louis Cardinals history, has announced he’s leaving and going to take a boatload of money and a TEN YEAR deal with the Angels.  To say the least, the locals in St Louis aren’t happy.  Here’s our town’s so-called newspaper website.  Nice headline.

Welcome to the real world, where cash is King and nobody stays with a team for life.  People I’ve spoken to this morning are, well, in mourning for the Albert Pujols they thought would be here as long as the Gateway Arch.  Hey, the dude didn’t die, he made a business decision.  If someone offered me $250,000,000, I’d be out of here faster than a thug holding up a convenience store in North St. Louis.

As a Cubs fan, I can certainly understand the feelings of loss and sadness the locals feel.  I’ve felt similar feelings, to a greater or lesser extent, for over half a century.  But we Cubs fans didn’t just win the World Series.

Cardinals fans need to get over it and move along.  At least Albert didn’t go to the Cubs or even stay in the National League.  It could have been a lot worse for Cardinals fans, and a lot better for Cubs fans.

The next 24 hours will be painful for St. Louisans.  First they lose Tony LaRussa, now Albert Pujols. Virtually all molecular motion will end in most workplaces as people talk about how they’ve personally been wronged by this betrayal of trust and wonder how they can move forward without number 5 at first base.

I sure hope the marketing people at the Cardinals are working on their “New Look Cardinals” campaign in hopes they can sell enough tickets to get people in to see what will definitely be a very different Cardinals team in April. As one of the most expensive stadiums in the game, it’s going to take some real deal making and image building to get people to cough up the cash for the high priced seats and food Busch Stadium is known for.

Hey Cardinal Nation, welcome to what it feels like to be a Cubs fan.

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