How Cool Is THIS Shirt?

Old School Cubs/Yankmees shirt.

The Cubs host the New York Yankees at Wrigley Field in a couple of weeks and the good people at Cub World (who give me NOTHING for pimping them) have the coolest shirt for the series.  Check it out here.  That’s the Old School version, they also have a shirt with present day logos.

I like the shirt a lot, but sad to say it isn’t worth $40.00 knowing the Cubs will probably drop 2 or 3 games to the Bronx Bombers. And I won’t even go into what happened the last time the Yankees came to Wrigley in the 1932 World Series and Babe Ruth‘s “called shot” and all that because it gives me the kind of cramps you get after eating two dozen White Castles at one sitting.

Hey Cubs, you’re KILLING me. But I have my tickets to all three games against the Kansas City Royals.  It’s like looking forward to being waterboarded.

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